Thursday, 29 July 2010

Taking advantage of Breakaways and Overloads

Objective: To encourage players to take advantage of Breakaways and Overloads

Warm Up:
Ball Work - Rivelino Elastic, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho as demonstrated below.

Work in small groups: Combination Shooting - as shown in the video below. The emphasis here will be on painting a picture for the players that they are in a breakway scenario so they need to move fast and get a shot at goal to take advantage of the situation.

2v1 Choice - Progress the previous small group work onto the video below. The emphasis here again will be on getting the players to imagine the overload situation in a match.

Work in small areas: Overload Game - In an area of 40 x 30 (adjust to suit players) play the overload game as shown in the diagram below. Play 3 v 2 or 2 v 1, or another variation so long as there is an overload in the attacking half. Whenever the defenders get the ball they need to pass it to one of their team mates in the attacking half. Players to stay in their half of the pitch.

Group Work:
Normal Match - Focus on the skills learnt in the session, particularly taking advantage of overloads and breakaways in the attacking half of the field.

Follow this with a penalty shoot out with mums and dads as the goal keepers?

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