Thursday, 1 July 2010

Role of the 1st Defender

Objective: To provide opportunities for players to slow down attackers

Warm Up: Ball Work - Tick Tock demonstrated here, Side Drag Rolls demonstrated here, Toe Touches backwards demonstrated here.

Work in small groups: Danger Zone - Defenders try to prevent the attacker from dribbling across the danger zone. The defender is trying to either win the ball or force the attacker outside the danger zone. Progress to playing 2v2 in the same area.

Work in small areas: Attack vs Defence - Game played for five minutes before swapping over players with the attacking team continually receiving balls from the coach. Defenders get a point for forcing attackers out wide and outside of the grid.

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on skills used in the session, role of the 1st defender.

Follow this with a game of Soccer Tennis time allowing.

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