Sunday, 5 September 2010

First Touch - Receiving the ball on the back foot

Objective: To encourage players to receive the ball on the foot furtherest away from pressure

Warm Up: Ball Work - As they arrive give them a ball and ask them to keep the ball in the air with their feet. Progressions (dependant upon ability) include:
  • keeping the ball off the ground at thigh and head height with the feet
  • Using thigh, head and other parts of the body
  • working up the ladder (feet, thigh, head) and then back down the ladder
  • or working in small groups with one ball
Work in small groups: Back Foot - In a grid wider than it is long to suit the ability of the players set up as per the diagram below. The players at the North and South point of the diamond pass the ball at the same time to the players on their right. The players at East and West receive the ball on the back foot and having checked that the player on their right is ready they pass the ball to them. Players should follow their passes and move to the next cone.

Work in small areas: Playing to a target  - Split the players into groups and ask each team to move the ball from one target area to the opposite target area (playing unopposed) but they should try to receive every pass on the "back foot". Players should be moving into the target area to receive passes rather than having someone permanently in the target area.

This game can then be progressed to a competitive game, which I like to play in an overload situation, i.e 6v4, so there are passing options for one team.

Alternatively you could have target areas in each corner.

Group Work:
Normal Match Focus on the skills learnt in the session, paying particular attention to receiving the ball on the back foot where possible.

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