Sunday, 19 September 2010

Short Passing

Objective: To give players opportunites to practice short passing

Warm Up: Ball Work - As the players arrive give them each a ball and ask them to keep the ball off the floor for as long as they can. Progressions can include ball going above knee or even head height.

In a circle appropriate to the number and age of players give half the team a ball and get everyone moving around making short passes with the receiver calling for the ball. Encourage lots of movement and receiving and/or passing with the weaker foot.

Work in small groups: Criss Cross Passing - A simple drill that gives the players a lot of short passing repetitions. Players pass across the grid to the cone opposite them and then run to the cone on their right. if players find this easy it can be progressed in a number of ways including running across the grid or dictating which part of the foot should be used to pass.

Work in small areas: Vision Game - This is another one of Paul Coopers Small Sided Games. Because the game is played in landscape rather than portrait the players will be encouraged to pass the ball around to create an opening. As a progression for players that find the easy have a coach or parent running across the pitch behind the goals. Players cant score if the coach or parent is behind the goal.

Group Work:
Normal Match Focus on the skills learnt in the session paying particular attention to short passing

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