Saturday, 2 October 2010


Objective: To give players some basic skills to go and practice

Warm Up: Ball Work
Tap-Tap (Fast Feet)
Place the ball in between you feet, with your legs shoulder width apart and slightly bend your knees. Knock the ball in between you feet as quickly as you can, using the instep

3 Taps and Touch
Like Tap-Tap, do 3 taps, then instead of the 4th tap, lift the foot and do a light touch on the top of the ball. Continue the pattern starting with the foot that touched on top so you use both feet to touch the ball

3 Taps and Roll-Out
Do 3 taps and instead of the touch, put the sole of the foot on top of the ball and lightly roll it to the outside of the body Move the foot outside of the ball and start the pattern again. When your players do this move well, their foot will actually slide down the outside edge of the ball while doing this move

Work in small groups: Tag - Every child dribbles a soccer ball in a defined space while trying to tag other players with their hand. Players cannot leave their own ball. Have them keep count of how many people they have tagged and, if playing more than one game, see if players can tag more people than they did in the first game.

Body Parts - In designated area, all players dribble a ball. When the coach yells out the name of a body part, players must touch that body part to the ball as quickly as possible. Vary body parts and rate at which he calls out body parts. At times, call out body parts consecutively (i.e. tummy, nose, elbow) during one stoppage or call out two body parts at once (i.e. both hands or both feet).

Work in small areas: Hospital Tag - Same as tag in that each player dribbles a soccer ball and that they try to tag each other with their hands. In this game, each time a player is tagged he/she must place their hand on the spot on their body where they were tagged. Obviously, if tagged a third time, players have no more hands to cover those spots, so they most go to the hospital to see the doctor. The coach acts as the doctor and performs a magical task (pretend) to heal the injuries of all the little soccer players so they can continue playing the game.

Traffic Lights - All players have a ball and dribble in a limited space (or towards the coach). When coach says “red light”, players must stop ball and put foot on top of ball. When coach says “amber light”, players must dribble very slowly. When coach says “green light”, players dribble fast. The coach controls this game with the frequency of “light” changes and variety of changes. Once players catch on to this game, add other color lights and affix different actions to them. (i.e. white light = hop back and forth over ball, blue light = run around the ball)

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players dribbling well with the ball

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