Thursday, 7 October 2010


Objective: To give players some basic skills to go and practice

Warm Up: Ball Work - 3 Taps and Roll-Out - Do 3 taps and instead of the touch, put the sole of the foot on top of the ball and lightly roll it to the outside of the body Move the foot outside of the ball and start the pattern again. When you can do this move well, your foot will actually slide down the outside edge of the ball while doing this move

2 Taps and Roll-In - Just like 3 taps and Roll-Out except do 2 taps then lightly roll the ball to the side in front of your body. Continue moving your foot with the ball and step across your body. Move the back foot to the outside of the ball and start the pattern again

Work in small groups: Dibbling between Squares - Players dribble between two squares about 10 yards apart, Coach tells them which part of the foot to use

Work in small areas: Passing and dribbling - Players work in pairs, passing the ball to each other inside the square. When the coach says the players with the ball dribble into the other square and their partners run after them. Once in the square they start passing again.

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players dribbling well with the ball

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