Saturday, 9 October 2010


Objective: To give players some basic skills to go and practice 

Warm Up: Ball Work
In betweens (15 in-betweens up then stepover turn and go back 2 times.)
Toe touches moving forward alternating feet (Do 15 up and back 2 times with "pullback" turn.)
Toe touches moving backwards (Do 15 up and back 2 times.)
Side rolls moving forward, first right foot then back with left. (Up and back 2-4 times.)
Outside foot touches with "fast feet" between touches. (Up and back 2-4 times.)
Outside to inside roll right foot across body, touch forward with left foot. Alternate. (Do 10 up and back 2 times.)
Inside to outside roll, right foot out to the (right) side touch forward with right foot. Alternate. (Do 10 up and back 2 times.)
Skip Touches (Skip forward touching the ball with the front foot, each skip.)
"Run Throughs" Smother or trap while running through a tossed ball. (Up and back several times.)

All the techiniques above demonstrated here

Work in small groups: Moving Keepers - Split players into two groups and randomly place one more goal than players, using cones, in the area. All but one goal should have a keeper. Players with ball dribble through goal without GK in it. When the coach shouts "change" the keepers should change goals so that a different goal does not have a goalkeeper, forcing players dribbling to find new target. Change goals every 30 seconds and rotate the players after 2 minutes.

Work in small areas: Reaction Dribbling - Players are split between 4 squares as shown below and freely dribble inside square. The coach then calls a direction (to the left, to the right or across) for them to dribble in and they dribble to that squareOn command by coach, they dribble to that square.

Group Work: Normal Match Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players dribbling well with the ball.  

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