Saturday, 9 October 2010


Objective: To give players some basic skills to go and practice

Warm Up: Ball Work
In betweens (15 in-betweens up then stepover turn and go back 2 times.)
Toe touches moving forward alternating feet (Do 15 up and back 2 times with "pullback" turn.)
Toe touches moving backwards (Do 15 up and back 2 times.)
Side rolls moving forward, first right foot then back with left. (Up and back 2-4 times.)
Outside foot touches with "fast feet" between touches. (Up and back 2-4 times.)
Outside to inside roll right foot across body, touch forward with left foot. Alternate. (Do 10 up and back 2 times.)
Inside to outside roll, right foot out to the (right) side touch forward with right foot. Alternate. (Do 10 up and back 2 times.)
Skip Touches (Skip forward touching the ball with the front foot, each skip.)
"Run Throughs" Smother or trap while running through a tossed ball. (Up and back several times.)
All the techiniques above demonstrated here

Work in small groups: Reaction Tag - Players are split into two teams and stand facing away from each other about 2m apart. If coach calls "A", players in team A sprint to goal line infront of them, players in group B chase them and try to catch and tag them. Return to starting positions and repeat as many times as you like, with and without the ball.

Work in small areas: Dribbling through Pirates -  Split groups into 3, a team on the outside, on both sides, and one in the middle. The players in the middle are pirates ....groups take turns as pirates. Players try to dribble through river to other shore. Pirates in the middle try to the steal ball. Pirates winning tackles can kick the ball to shore and the outside player must get it. All groups get turn as pirates

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players dribbling well with the ball.

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