Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Decision Making

Objective: To create opportunities for the players to improve decision making 

The Set Up: Magic Rectangle - The overall pitch size is 40x30 with the central third being 16 yards long.

Ball Work - This takes place in the central rectangle, players are asked to go and stand along the line of yellow and red cones or the orange and blue cones - there choice. Players are then asked to dribble the ball across to the opposite line of cones performing various feints or change of direction moves that the coach has chosen from this blog post, at least once.

Players work back and forwards between the lines of cones and change to the next skill on the coaches request. Allow them at least 4 or 5 attempts at each skill before changing.

Duos - This is a drill from the old FA Level 1 club coaches handbook. Split up into pairs, with a ball between two, standing opposite each other. The first player runs towards their partner with the ball, when they shout “Take” the partner takes the ball turns and repeats.

The way to develop this exercise further is as follows: The first player passes to their partner, shouts “Overlap” runs around them and receives a return pass and dribbles the ball back to where he had been standing. And so on…taking turns to overlap

The next way to progress is where the first player runs towards their partner with the ball then calls “Foot on” while stopping the ball with the sole of their foot. The partner takes the ball then and runs to the opposite end and then repeats.

Then, you can leave it open as to which one of these (take/overlap/foot on) perform. so players can do what they like.

Communi-Gates - Arrange two teams. One of the teams must stand in the gates, marked out by the cones. The other team must dribble around the area and communicate with the players in the gates. The players that are dribbling can choose do the following actions:

a) dribble towards a gate, call "Take", perform the movement and wait at the gate.
b) dribble towards a gate pass to the player, shout "Turn" and then wait at the gate
c) dribble towards a gate, call "One-Two", perform the movement with the player in the gate.

Knock the Cones Over - An adaptation of the vision game, instead of scoring in the goals, the objective of the game now is to knock the cones over with a push pass. First team to knock all the opponents cones over wins.

Follow this with a normal game. Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players taking players on or passing to create scoring opportunities

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