Saturday, 6 November 2010

20 Ways to make a session easier or harder

I have put together a list of high level progressions/conditions for games. I wasn't looking for specifics like 1 touch, 2 touch etc (I have grouped these as number of touches) in the list below, just an overview of how to change things during a session when you are looking to mak it harder or easier.


1. Make the area smaller or larger

2. Make the area wider or narrower 

3. Add target areas

4. Add safe zones

5. Change the shape of the pitch


1. Get them moving the ball using their hands

2. Number of Touches

3. Restrict players to using their left or right Foot (Stronger/Weaker)

4. Allow them to communication or play in silence

5. Make play directional or multi-directional

6. Play a number or a sequence of passes

7. Specify the type of pass or shot


1. Change the ball size

2. Play with or without bibs

3. Add or remove cones or gates

4. Introduce obstacles

5. Change the goals (Larger, smaller. Greater, fewer or style)


1. Add or decrease the number of players

2. Use neutral players (inside or Outside)

3. Play with even or overloaded groups


Pavl Williams said...

Great list of progressions!

Perhaps another thing to consider is that you can add progressions or give different rules to individual players (especially those that are striving ahead or falling behind).

For example: You can have different size/coloured gates or goals worth different amounts of points, or have safe zones/target areas for certain players to use.

Thanks for the exhaustive list - this post alone gives coaches hundreds of small sided game variations for their sessions!

eena said...

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