Sunday, 7 November 2010

Player Development

Here are some messages I believe every adult involved in youth soccer should know:
  • Give the players time.
  • Dont shout from the touchline. You dont shout at kids when they are learning to read, so why is it appropriate when they are learning to play a game.
  • Let players unwind and reflect before you start talking about what they could have done differently in the game.
  • They are children so they do not see things like you. Try getting down to their level and watching the game - you will see something different
  • Learning is long term not short term.
  • Making mistakes and understanding consequences is an important part of their development.
  • A game is short term. If the adults make all the decisions for the players by telling when to shoot, pass, tackle etc you disempower them for short term rewards (A win!)
  • Disempowering players means they never learn to be self-reliant and trust themselves.
  • Player performance moves upwards and downwards in cycles, just like your performance would at work. 
If every adult at youth games understood and took action on these points the game would be more enjoyable for the players. Unfortunately even adults who are aware of this information choose to ignore it because "Its what they have always done" or "Its expected".

Can you add anymore? If so, please leave a comment


GT said...

Great set of messages there.

Some more for anyone reading this that you may find usefull.

"I am a young person not a small adult-sometimes i dont understand what you are saying"

"Don't expect me to get it right first time-but praise me for trying"

"Don't expect me to be able to produce what we practice in a match straight away-i may not be ready"

Coachandy said...

GT, Thanks for the feedback and the additional messages.

Joe Stewart said...

1. Start by telling me what I did right. Sometimes, only tell me what I did right.

We are really good at criticizing and we do it very, very quickly.

2. Tell me specifically what to do differently - generalizations are not effective.

We are really good at yelling, but it takes skill to instruct specifically.

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