Sunday, 12 December 2010

Preventing Bunching When in Possession

Objective: To encourage players to spread out when in possession

Warm Up: Ball Work - In two’s, the players should be passing and moving freely around the pitch. When the Coach calls out a number the players need to play that amount of passes between themselves. Using the inside of the foot. Progressions can included: The first team to complete that number of passes or asking them to try and take a number of touches before passing. 

Work in small groups: Play Out, Go Out. - Six players compete to keep possession 3 v 3 in the middle of an area appropriate for the age of the players. The aim for each team is to keep possession. Each team has two players stood outside the area, on opposite lines. In order to maintain possession a player can pass the ball to one of his team outside the area, but they then have to swap places by going out of the area. The receiving teammate must pass or dribble the ball into the area.

Work in small areas: Target Game  - Following on from the previous training this week we will play the target game 4v4 in an appropriate sized area. Initially there will be a target player for each team in the end zone so that the game is directional and 3v3 in the main area. Then this can be progressed to playing 4v4 in the main area with player needing to make runs into the end zone to receive the ball and score a point.

Group Work: Normal Match Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players passing well and moving into space when their team is in possession.

Follow this with a penalty shoot out between the teams adding any goals scored to the full time score. The winning team gets to run other to the imaginary press core behind the goal and celebrate.

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