Monday, 21 June 2010

Role of the 1st Defender

Objective: To provide opportunities for players to slow down attackers

Warm Up:
Ball Work - Multiple Scissors demonstrated here, Tick Tock demonstrated here, Side Drag Rolls demonstrated here.

Work in small groups:
First defender - Using a single pugg goal to allow for continual repetiton for defenders in a 1v1 situation and an end product. Change teams to ensure all the squad plays as a defender.

Similar to the game demonstrated below

Work in small areas: Attack vs Defence - Game played for five minutes before swapping over players with the attacking team continually receiving balls from the coach.

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on skills used in the session, role of the 1st defender.

Follow this with a game of Bulldog time allowing.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Passing and Movement

Objective: To encourage players to make a movement to support the ball when after passing.

Warm Up:vBall Work - Pull Push, Inside Cut, Mulitple Scissors,
Inside Cut demonstrated here
Multiple Scissors demonstrated here

Work in small groups: Unopposed Passing Drill

Player pass the ball to each other. One player passes the ball in a straight line, the other player moves the ball back across the cone on first touch and then passes diagonally back to their partner. Swap roles so both players experience the touch into space.

Work in small areas: Score through the Cones
Game demonstrated here

Group Work: Normal Match – Focus on skills used in the session, passing and movement off the ball and the inside cut, scissors.

Follow this with a game of blindfolded or closed eyes juggling time allowing.