Sunday, 19 June 2011

Short Passing

Objective:  To encourage players to pass with greater accuracy 

Warm Up: Ball Work - In the warm up I want to give the players the confidence to use both feet. So we will work through the following routine of touches: 

1 Inside, inside, outside of best foot 
2 Inside, inside, outside of weak foot 
3 Inside, inside, outside, sole drag with best foot 
4 Inside, inside, outside, sole drag with weak foot 
5 Toes, toes, toes, step-over with best foot 
6 Toes, toes, toes step-over with weak foot 
7 Toes, toes, toes, step-over with best foot and then take away with weak foot 
8 Toes, toes, toes. step-over with weak foot and then take away with best foot 
9 Dribble forward and cut the ball with the inside of your best foot behind your weak foot 
10 Dribble forward and cut the ball with the inside of your weak foot behind your best foot.

Work in small groups:   Passing Circles - Players move around within a designated area (size depends upon ability and number of players) with a Ball per group. Players pass the ball around to each other. As shown in the diagram below you dont have to use a circle.

To make the drill harder add more balls or ask them to make a specific movement when they receive the ball. 

To make it easier get the players to throw the ball to each other. Throwing the ball means players keep their head up and see the whole picture. They could also be asked to stop and take a look before passing.

Work in small areas:  Target Game -This game takes the previous drill a step further by making it directional. On a pitch appropriate to the number and age of the players mark out a playing area with two end zones (as below). The players are split into small groups and are asked to pass the ball between each other making the final pass to one of their teammates making a run into the end zone. They then turn around and work to the other end zone. 

The game can then be progressed by playing one team against anotherInitially there will be a target player for each team. Each team has one player in the end zone that they are attacking and they score a point for each time they pass the ball to their team mate in the end zone.

The game can be made harder by having all the players in the main area with a player needing to make runs into the end zone to receive the ball and score a point. To make it easier the players can through the ball to each other. 

Group Work:   Vision Game – Is another game where players must use their insight and get their heads up. Lots of decision making. The idea is for the teams to score in any of the 3 goals by passing the ball between the cones.

To make the game harder put one extra person behind the goals. They do not touch the ball but run behind the line of the three goals. If they are standing behind a specific goal, the other team cant score behind that goal.

To make the game easier, either overload the teams or play with a floating player who plays for both teams.

Follow this with a normal game. Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players passing well and moving into space when their team is in possession.

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