Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Taking on and Beating Opponents

Objective: To encourage players to take on opponents in 1v1 situations

The set up: Magic Rectangle - The overall pitch size is 40x30 with the central third being 16 yards long.

Ball Work - This takes place in the central rectangle, players are asked to go and stand along the line of yellow and red cones or the orange and blue cones - there choice. Players are then asked to dribble the ball across to the opposite line of cones performing various feints or change of direction moves that the coach has chosen from this blog post, at least once.

Players work back and forwards between the lines of cones and change to the next skill on the coaches request. Allow them at least 4 or 5 attempts at each skill.before changing

1v1 Games: The diagram below shows the following four 1v1 games which are worked through with the team in order. Try and change the players around after each game. If you have more than 8 players just use more of the rectangles.

Game 1- Leg GoalsIn pairs, one player with ball, in each grid. The blue player has ball and must dribble ball around grid trying to kick it into the legs of the red player. The red player must avoid being hit by using quick feet. The blue player gets 2 minutes to get as many points as they can then change over so the red players have the ball.

Game 2 - Keep Ball: The Blue player dribbles the ball and tries to shield the ball from the red player who must either put the ball out of play or regain possession for a point. Play for 2 minutes then change over and make the red player keep the ball.

Game 3 - Line Soccer: Players stand on a goal line opposite each other The red player passes ball to the blue player who must then try to beat the red player and score a point by stopping the ball on the opposite line. How many goals can the blue player score in 2 minutes before the roles are reversed?

Game 4 - 3 Way Goals: The red player passes to the blue player who then has to beat the red player to either of the 3 corners. 1 point to corner goals 3 points for the goal behind the defenders starting position. Play for 2 minutes then reverse the roles.

4v4 Goalkeeper Game: Two teams play normal game rules with Goalkeepers. To start the game both keepers have a ball in their hand. The coach will then call the colour of the team which is to start the match. The other keeper must quickly put their own ball in their net. Once a goal has been scored the keeper who concedes starts with a throw out. Reward creativity by giving extra points for skills/ tricks.

Follow this with a normal game. Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players taking players on to create scoring opportunities

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