Thursday, 27 September 2012

Player Plus Skills Spectrum

The Player Plus SKILLS SPECTRUM, is an online home-study programme designed to help young players master 24 tricks and develop an extensive skills inventory. In the same way that colours make up the rainbow’s spectrum, a large variety of tricks and turns make up the SKILLS SPECTRUM! 

The programme consists of 4 stages, 24 skills and an award system whereby the player, their parents and their coaches can accurately evaluate their progress. The SKILLS SPECTRUM programme includes an award system of certificates. In order to earn certificates and progress through the SKILLS SPECTRUM, players must complete all skills at each stage at each particular level.

Player Plus believe that young players must master the ball from an early age with both feet; therefore this package offers the resources required to develop and perfect a large number of useable tricks and turns. 

This online skills home-study programme is designed to probe the competitiveness of a child and encourage them to want to improve via practice from home. The Player Plus SKILLS SPECTRUM is an effective tool, which will vastly improve young players ball mastery, dribbling and turning techniques on both feet

This programme was created in order to increase young players contact time with a football, encourage deliberate practice and probe a child’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to practice from home. The introduction of this free skills home-study programme will help create a desire to practice with a football for a number of hours and hugely contribute to creating outstanding technical individuals. The purpose of this tool is to create individuals with an extensive skills inventory who can then be encouraged and coached to make effective decisions – NOT to create circus clowns who perform tricks but lose possession or have no end product.

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