Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dribble or Pass?

Objective: To develop the decision-making of the player in possession.

The Set Up: Magic Rectangle - The overall pitch size is 40x30 with the central third being 16 yards long.

Ball Work - This takes place in the central rectangle, players are asked to go and stand along the one line of the cones that mark out the central area - there choice. Players are then asked to dribble the ball across to the opposite line of cones performing various feints or change of direction moves that the coach has chosen from this blog post, at least once. Players work back and forwards between the lines of cones and change to the next skill on the coaches request. Allow them at least 4 or 5 attempts at each skill.before changing.

Four Goal Game: A regular game but each team has a goal in each corner they can shoot for. As well as helping to improve basic techniques. This game also helps to improve a players vision. The use of four goals means that players will learn to use the space on the flanks by switching play. As a result the game should increase awareness and encourage players to play with their heads up, rather than looking down at the ball all the time. The team without possession need to play smart because the extra goal will make it seem like they are playing a player down.

The Arsenal Game: Arsenals play is made up of lots of quick short passing with plenty of movement off the ball. They use give and goes a lot (wall passes). The game is a standard game, except that the neutral players on each side can be used. The neutral players play with the team that have possession. They take any kick-ins from their side. Having the neutral players encourages plenty of give and goes. The players should also be encouraged to play at a fast tempo. Change the neutral players every few minutes. 

Normal Game: Focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players taking players on or passing to create scoring opportunities

Our diagrams are produced using session template software (with new functionality) from Academy Soccer Coach. Click here to visit their website and access free soccer downloads

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