Saturday, 13 October 2012

Using One Twos or Wall Passes


Objective: To improve players ability to execute a wall-pass

The Set Up: A square pitch appropriate for the number of players, I used 25x25 for 10 under 9 players. The triangle in the centre is 10 yards long, its advisable to use different coloured cones in the triangle to aid your description of what the players have to do. 

Ball Work - As the players arrive give them a ball and ask them to go and practice keeping the ball of the ground. Try avoid players letting players kick trying to kick the ball into the clouds. For players who struggle with this juggle get them to use the drop, kick catch technique. Drop the ball, let it bounce one, kick it up as the ball comes back down.then catch it on the way back. Then do the same with the other foot. Once they can successfully do one kick with both feet, move onto two kicks etc....

Triangle Passing - This drill is adapted from the supposed Jose Mourinho Bible (drill 3), which you can download here. The player on the orange cone starts with the ball and passes it to the player on the blue cone and runs to join the queue behind the blue cone.  As the ball is passed the player at the blue cone they should check his shoulders and TRY to pass the ball to the player on the yellow in cone with no more than two touches, after passing they then go to the queue at the yellow cone. The player on the yellow cone, checks his shoulders as the ball is passed to him, then controls the pass and dribbles it over to the player at the front of the orange cone and the sequence continues. 

Depending on the space and number of players you have, you could use more triangles with less players at each cone.

3+2 v 3+2 - This game is also adpated from a game in the Mourinho bible (drill 1). The yellow team play North to South and the Red play East to West, it can also be played with larger or smaller numbers in the middle or even an overload. The objective for the players in the middle is to do a wall pass or one to two, with one of the two members of the team on the outside of the playing area. For each successful wall pass or one two, they get one point. You will quickly see players looking for space and for the players in possession to be looking for team mates in space. Allow players to dribble to find spaces also. Defensively players quickly learn that they need to quickly close down any player that makes a pass to a team mate on the outside to prevent them getting a point.

You can make it easier by giving the player on the outside all the time they need, in terms of number of touches to make a return pass.

You can make it harder by limiting the outside players touches.

Normal Game: Play a normal game with a focus on the skills learnt in the session, giving particular praise to players using one two;s or wall passes to create scoring opportunities